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What if I don't receive the item I purchased?

Contact an Administrator via our discord and they will look into it for you

Is this safe?

Yes, this site is powered by Tebex, a trustworthy paywall system, and many different ways to pay.

Can I purchase Unbans?

No,Unbanning players via paywall is against Minecraft's EULA that we agreed to when making the server

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Rupees are the global currency of Hyrulez. You can purchase ranks, crate keys, black market items (sell chests, chunk hoppers, etc), as well as perks in-game in the /rp shop

More Information:

  • Check your Rupees balance using command /rp balance
  • Trade Rupees with other players with /rp pay <name> <amount>
  • Convert your Rupees into store giftcards with /rp spend <amount>
  • Spend your Rupees in-game with /rp shop

Rupee shop: (/rp shop)

5 Rupees 5.00 USD Buy
25 Rupees 25.00 USD Buy
50 Rupees 50.00 USD Buy